Welcome to ASCLS-Colorado!

ASCLS-Colorado is a member society of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS).  ASCLS-Colorado is in ASCLS Region VIII, which is composed of the intermountain states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

Our members are dedicated to advocating for the profession of clinical laboratory science in our state. Activities include offering and promoting continuing education, voicing an opinion about key legislation to state representatives, and recruiting the next generation of professionals. There are many ways that you can be involved in ASCLS-Colorado!  If you are not a member, join today!


What’s New?

  • An October message from Holly Weinberg, Region VIII Director to Region VIII. Read the article here. (.PDF 10 October 2016)
  • The Collaborative Alliance for Continuing Medical Laboratory Educators has recently merged with ASCLS!  All the great high quality educational resources that have been the trademark products of CACMLE these past 43 years can now be found at the ASCLS Website.  Check them out!  Questions?  Contact admin@cacmle.org for assistance.